Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy


Direct Billing :           Blue Cross 


Accepted Payment types:   visa, master card, tap debit under a hundred, cash, e-transfer 

Fees: for 2019

30 min / $60        ‚Äč 

45 min / $90     

60 min / $110


not including: 

5%  GST 

2.65%  transaction processing fee to credit and tap payments


All fee schedules include 4 steps:

1) ADMINISTRATION - intake, health history, payments

2) ASSESSMENT- assessment of current conditions for effective and safe treatments

3) TREATMENT- varying massage techniques, active and passive release, joint mobilizations...

4) PATIENT EDUCATION- instructions of therapeutic exercise and other applicable home care and rehabilitation therapies


How many times do I need to go for Registered Massage Therapy?

You will begins feeling improvements right away upon first treatment, and depending on your condition and wether it is a chronic or acute, the amount of treatment will vary. But generally it will be something like this:

1-3 times for simple tune up, general tissue health maintenance. Return 1-2 /month. 

4-5 times for an acute injury recovery 

8-10 times for change to chronic conditions (meaning that you have had it for a long time) 

10-15 times for complex restructuring of postural conditions ( lower body, upper body, full body)


Some exceptions are: 

* Whiplash may take 1-2 years before a full recovery, and can sometimes remain as a lifelong maintenance. But it will improve significantly and more quickly with massage therapy and self care maintenance.