Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy

Bio of Massage Therapist

Megan Lazaruk, RMT   



Graduate of a three year education in Registered Massage Therapy and have been in practice for 8 years. Prior to being an RMT I provided massage therapy as a clinical Aromatherapist certified as a Natural Health Practitioner of Canada for 9 years. I have massaged tens of thousands of people. I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Halifax and attended the West Coast and Okanagan Colleges of Massage Therapy in BC, with extended focus in sports massage, myo-fascial release, and therapeutic exercise. I formed Essential Knead Aromatherapy Massage in 2003 with practices in Victoria, Williams Lake and Rossland BC. I formed Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy in 2012 opening my first RMT practice along with a yoga studio in the Kootenays. People came from all over the Kootenays and the Okanagan for massage therapy from me. The yoga studio offered Yoga, Taichi, and Art classes. It was all a very lovely experience. I moved to Nanaimo in 2017 to continue Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy and complete an Integrative Medicine Education I am developing.  

My RMT education is special in that it includes 3 yrs of myo-fascial restructuring training from 3 different massage therapy schools and from the best teachers in Canada. My continuing education also stays focused in this specialty area of Myo Fascial work, with certifications in MIPA- Myo Fascial Integration and Postural Alignment, which is a condensed version of the schooling called Structural Integration in the USA. I also focus of continuing education for massage therapy in Osteopathic techniques and Zero Balancing, which is also an Osteopathic method. I also received extra years of education in clinical therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, and sports massage, due to attending 3 massage therapy schools. I did practicums treating varsity athletes and sports teams, and have accumulated 8 years of providing sports massage to the outdoor keeners of the Kootenays and Van. Isl including children and teen athletes and dancers. I have attended Pain Conferences and Neuroscience Conferences, and am continuously expanding and deepening my knowledge in body science and staying on the forefront of leading edge researchers.

I lived in an Ashram and received a yoga instructor certification in 2011, have 30 years of yoga practice, along with a certification as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor, the health science of yoga. I have attended advanced yoga teacher trainings and yoga anatomy and therapy trainings. I am currently developing an integrative education based in ancient medicines and modern health sciences.

I have 3 years of education in Clinical Herbology and a diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy.

Certifications in JinShinDO Acupressure, Usui Reiki, CFG Qigong, Zero Balancing, Shamanic Medicine.

I have enjoyed formal Tibetan Buddhist trainings at Buddhist centres across Canada and have 25 years of practice. I have received the Thousand Buddhas, Medicine Buddha and Powa transmissions.

I have trained in Iaido, Karate, Taiji, & Qigong martial arts, and was a competitive figure skater winning gold for Vancouver Island and went to Canadians with the Cowichan Precision team when I was a kid. 

I am ever grateful for all the wonderful knowledge available in this world and the adventures it takes me on. 

Through my lifetime of studies and trainings I have developed a deep and integrative understanding of how the body and mind work and heal. 

‚ÄčI am happy to be able to share this through Massage Therapy and Yoga. 



I was born and raised on the Saanich peninsula, grew up training as a competitive figure skater, went to UNBC to study Siberian history and Russian language. I've travelled all of North and Central America from Alaska to Costa Rica, Haida Gwaii to Newfound Land, California to New Jersey and everywhere in between. The Kootenays is my second home where I began my RMT and yoga teaching careers. Now I am happy to be back to my roots on Van Island and part of Nanaimo’s health care professionals. 

I have been studying natural health in Eastern and Western modalities since I was 15 years old, and have developed a deep understanding of the human body, it's physical form, function and recovery from cellular level to its invisible energy systems. Natural health and human potential have always been my passions and I believe inner peace, natural food, movement, alignment, and spending time in nature are the truest of medicines.


I am an active member of the: 

CMTBC - College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

RMTBC - Registered Massage Therapists of British Columbia

FRC - Fascial Research Congress