Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy


Please read these policies before booking. Thank you 

These policies need to be fully respected if you'd like to be a patient of mine.

I have a compromised immune system and am a sole proprietor. These health policies apply strictly.

Thank you


*** 100% Wellness Policy ***   

If you have any cold or flu symptoms or have had any in the last two weeks - wait until you have been 100% well for a week before coming in to my office. Thank you


COLD SYMPTOMS :  cough, runny nose, sore throat, congestion, low energy, headache

FLU SYMPTOMS : aching body, aching joints, temperature changes, organ pains, delirium, feel yucky and gross


 If any FAMILY MEMBER(S), SPOUSE, KIDS, HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS or COWORKERS are sick, cancel your appointments if you have been around them for ongoing time, even though you may feel ok.

Contagion can be carried for up to two weeks

1 WEEK OF FULL HEALTH and HEALTH OF SURROUNDING PEOPLE is required to receive treatments.

 Thank you


*** Travel Policy***


Travelling is high risk of contracting contagious diseases, colds and flus.

2 weeks of full health after returning from travelling is required before booking an appointment with me. Thank you


*** Allergy Policy***

Do not come to the office with animal hair on clothes. This is an allergen free office space.

If you have animals please make sure you come to your appointments dander and hair free. Thank you



Health and wellbeing is of utmost importance at my office.

Please respect that I provide hands on health care in close contact for an hour.

This is high risk environment for contagion to be passed on. 

Please do not put me at risk of getting sick.

I run my office on my own and do not have the security of sick days. 

Also please respect this is an allergen free environment. 


~ Thank you kindly  ~



Cancellations must be made within 48 hrs prior to the booked appointment time or full fee is charged

IMPORTANT NOTICE : there is a large staircase. No wheelchair or immobility access. I sincerely apologize.


Regular hours:    Mon - Thurs  1:15 - 6 pm