Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy

All Health & Safety Regulations are strictly followed in the office for the safety of Patient & Therapist :) 


Massage therapy is a high risk setting for passing on contagion due to the inability to distance. Policies must be taken seriously. Do not book if you do not follow covid safety rules in your daily life - social distancing, regulated amount of contacts, mask wearing, and safety hygiene. 
I have compromised health systems and no financial/health security. 
Please take health policies in full respect.
As your health and safety are fully taken into consideration here too. 

thank you 


Please read all policies before booking at the bottom


Health Policies, COVID Policies, & Practice Limitations


100% Health Policy 


‚Äč***  you have been adhering to distancing and safety precautions, and continue to do so

***  1 month of full health and health of surrounding people 

***  if you work in a high risk environments you wear PPE the whole time 

Thank you :)


Do not book an appointment if you have had any of these symptoms in the last month:

COLD SYMPTOMS :  cough, runny nose, sore throat, congestion, low energy, headache, stomach upset

FLU SYMPTOMS :  cold symptoms plus: aching body, aching joints, fever, temperature changes, organ pains, head pain, delirium, feel yucky and gross 

CORONA VIRUS : cold and flu symptoms, breathing difficulties, pneumonia



COVID Policy:

- Insurance, and Health and Safety rules requires Patient and Therapist to wear PPE, and take all precautionary measures during appointments. Please bring your clean medical grade mask. They are available at drug stores. 

- Consent must be given in awareness of the risks of possible contraction in a massage therapy setting and agreement to report with therapist and authorities if any sickness symptoms occur. 

- All health and safety precautionary measures are in place at the office and in practice under the Health Authorities guidelines. 



Travel Policy

I am not seeing anyone who has travelled or come from off island   



Allergy Policy

This is an allergen free office space.

If you have animals please make sure you and your clothes come to your appointments dander and hair free. 




Weight limitation:     225 lbs.   (my physical abilities are limited.)

No Natal treatments available

IMPORTANT NOTICE: there is a large staircase. No wheelchair or immobility access. I do apologize.


Thank you for our cooperation :) 


48 hrs notice for cancellation or full fee is charged.  

CANCEL BY TEXT:  250 713 6376  

Not by phone.

No fee is charged for sickness cancellation.



All policies need to be agreed to before booking. Read ALL policies to make sure you understand before booking. Thank you