Chrysalis Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Comprehensive Health Management


* is covered by extended health care benefit plans 

* is a great preventative and rehabilitative health care

A Registered Massage Therapist is a Primary Health Care Provider who is trained to assess, treat, and aid in rehabilitation of over 100 different possible conditions. We undergo 3000 hrs of education and training to understand all levels of the body and how to help you regain and maintain health and function. A primary health care provider is someone you can go to as the first person you see for qualified assessment and treatment. A doctors note is not required to receive registered massage therapy. We will always refer out if a condition or injury needs further medical treatment or imaging.


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Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing, as the practice of therapeutic massage can be traced back nearly 4,000 years. Statistics from both Health Canada 1 and the American Massage Therapy Association 2 show that millions of North Americans use it today.

Massage therapy refers to a comprehensive health management strategy focusing on the application of various techniques to positively affect the soft tissues and joints of the body. Massage techniques most commonly include myo fascial release, trigger point release, pressure and compression, kneading, frictioning, joint mobilizing, active and passive muscle stretching.. to improve the health and condition of the muscles, tendons, skin, and fascia or connective tissue of the body.

Today massage is thought of as a holistic therapy that complements medical treatment. The "Physician's Guide to Therapeutic Massage" shows that massage can decrease pain, improve range of motion, improve mood, aid in the circulation of blood and lymph flow, reduce muscle and joint soreness, and improve sleep.

Massage therapy is a preventative health care, working on decreasing stress and tension and promoting relaxation and peace of mind. You do not need to have an injury to receive massage. It can be part of a regular self care routine. 

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How many times do I need to go for Registered Massage Therapy?

You will begins feeling improvements right away upon first treatment, and depending on your condition and wether it is a chronic or acute, the amount of treatment will vary. But generally it will be something like this:

1 / week for well maintained body tissue

2 / month for maintenance and relaxation

5-10 times for an acute injury recovery (meaning a new injury)

8-12 times to change a chronic condition  (meaning that you have had it for a long time) 

10-15 times for complex restructuring of postural dysfunctions ( lower body, upper body, full body)


Some exceptions are: 

* Whiplash may take 1-2 years before a full recovery, and can sometimes remain as a lifelong maintenance if severe. But it will improve significantly and more quickly with massage therapy and proper self care maintenance.