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Do you work long hours looking at a computer screen, hunched over, using a mouse? Do you suffer from upper back & neck discomfort, stress, headaches, jaw stiffness, sore eyes, numbness and tingling in your hands? You may suffer from what I call: iSlump. 

​Now a days there are daily pains that seem unexplainable due to lack of cause of injury. This is because our modern conditions are caused from stationary work environments and repetitive motions, causing strain and postural maladjustment. Over time our body's adapt, mutate, then go over a threshold and become painful. I can help you with this.

I use the new scientific approach to physiology that is focused on the myo-fascial system. This system is based on biomechanics and tensegritythe two terms that equate how we develop our painful conditions. 

This and many other possible injuries and conditions can lead you to seek help from a Registered Massage Therapist


A Registered Massage Therapist is a Primary Health Care Provider who is trained to assess, treat, and aid in rehabilitation of over 70 different possible conditions. We undergo 3 years of education and training to understand all level of the body and how to help you regain and maintain your health. Being a primary health care provider means that a Registered Massage Therapist is someone you can go to as the first person you see for qualified assessment and treatment. A doctors note is not required to receive registered massage therapy. We will always refer you if a condition or injury needs further medical treatment or imaging. 



As a highly trained RMT, I take time to get to know you, do a thorough assessment, postural analysis, and in depth health and injury history, looking at your being at all levels of function: bones, muscles, fascia, nervous system, circulatory, lymphatic, organs, habitual and functional qualities, plus mind and spirit, all of which allows me to assess the causes and conditions and devise a custom treatment plan to meet your specific needs. My expertise is in seeing your body and being as a functioning whole, every part affecting every part, and my holistic and integrative approach allows for change on all levels. I explain clearly the assessment, the findings, and the treatment plan, along with giving comprehensive instruction for the appropriate stretch, strengthening, or relaxation techniques required to get you back to your vitality!

I have a 4 year education in massage therapy, 3 year education and training in myo-fascial restructuring, 3 year education in therapeutic exercise, 2 yoga teacher certifications, 6 years training as a competitive athlete, 5 years training in various martial arts, 2 year education in aromatherapy, 3 year education in herbology, certifications in Ayurvedic Wellness Counselling, JinShinDO acupressure, Reiki energy healing, CFG Qigong, Zero Balancing, Shamanic studies, and formal Buddhist meditation training.

I can help you recover from your pain quickly and teach you how to prevent the causes. 

My services are designed to help you maintain pain free functional and peaceful living.




* is covered by extended health care benefit plans 

* is a great preventative and rehabilitative health care


I provide advanced therapy in a quiet, comfortable environment.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE : there is no wheelchair access. No immobility aces. There is a large staircase. No elevator. I sincerely apologize.

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